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Today, maintaining the privacy and integrity of healthcare, legal, financial and other critical documents is extremely important; the United States Federal Government has found it necessary to enact the Health Insurance and Portability Accounting Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the Gramm/Leach/Bliley Act and The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA).

At Lincoln Archives, we understand the impact these regulations have had. We stand ready to assist our clients in meeting these requirements by providing comprehensive medical, legal and business information management services.

Our primary industries served are: medical, legal, financial, general business, industrial, engineering, transportation, education and government.

Industry Solutions


Some of Lincoln Archives’ clients are medical institutions with intricate offsite medical records storage requirements including patient accounting records, medical charts and x-ray films entrusted to our storage facilities.

Under HIPAA regulations, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and insurance companies must ensure the privacy of patient-related records, even when they dispose of them, or face significant fines.

Lincoln Archives provides secure on-site shredding services for healthcare providers. In a matter of minutes, confidential materials, from patient charts and invoices to X-rays and film, are quickly transformed into unrecognizable bits that ensure patient privacy, and regulatory compliance.

Lincoln’s Document Destruction for healthcare includes regularly scheduled shredding, at your location, in our mobile shredding trucks as well as, periodic purges of archived files and media. As soon as documents are destroyed, we issue a Certificate of Destruction for documented proof of compliance.


New developments in the legal profession have brought to the foreground the need for law firms to manage and protect their client and administrative records far more diligently, securely, and cost-effectively than in the past.

Ill-informed or inconsistent practices for saving and disposing of physical and electronic records can result in information being destroyed prematurely or retained longer than it should be, increasing your risk of non-compliance. Lincoln Archives can help you reduce these risks by implementing sound policies, procedures, and best practices for records retention and destruction - across all media types, practice areas, and office locations.

We are fortunate to serve important attorneys and law firms. Understanding the nuances of legal records management and storage is important to our customers. It is from this experience and through continued feedback that we have retained and grown our list of satisfied legal document management services clientele.

We can help implement your firm's legally compliant and ethically based records retention program, tailoring it to the differing requirements of your practice areas.

At Lincoln Archives we are able to deliver solid solutions based on many successful years serving leading law practices, from sole practitioners to larger firms.


Lincoln Archives’ clients include accounting firms, and financial services organizations. We have developed a special emphasis on service flexibility and secure financial data storage for our many offsite financial storage clients.

Departmentalized tracking of information and reports can be created for Lincoln customers based on their needs.

Other financial institutions are taking increased advantage of our document conversion technology. We offer paper to electronic image conversions, (digital imaging services) which can reduce the cost of paper storage.

Lincoln can perform an evaluation of your records storage program and recommend the best way to manage your data storage, hardcopy record storage, electronic imaging and film media storage needs in a cost-effective, secure environment.

Financial institutions know all too well the importance of safeguarding customer information. In the wrong hands, highly sensitive financial data such as social security numbers, account numbers, balances, credit card numbers and business information could violate customer privacy or, worse, contribute to identity theft. Lincoln Archives’ secure on-site shredding solutions help financial services companies protect customer information and meet today's increasingly rigorous regulatory requirements.

General Business

Lincoln Archives offers wide-ranging off-site business document management and storage solutions to the corporate records manager. Our client list includes both small, entrepreneurial enterprises and larger corporations utilizing the full spectrum of corporate information management services. We customize corporate records management programs for our clients.

At Lincoln, we know business records management. We develop our service programs in concert with your current systems, addressing issues from file identification, classification, and description to records retention policies and scheduled document destruction. We implement technology and procedures that are guaranteed to ensure accuracy, efficiency and timeliness.

We work hard every day to build corporate off-site document storage solutions around the individual needs of corporate records managers. Make the transition to Lincoln Archives, a business partner that knows just how critical your offsite corporate document storage, computer data, magnetic media, and other records and information management programs are.


Our government clients characteristically have unique needs related to computer data security, contract administration, regulatory compliance, and record classification. Lincoln Archives knows how to meet these special needs.

Our continuing education, coupled with years of practical experience, has enhanced our ability to develop effective governmental document storage and records management solutions including off-site hardcopy documents, computer and electronic data storage, and digital/electronic imaging.

Lincoln Archives has developed relationships with governmental agencies, municipalities, and departments; this experience has enabled us to develop effective government document storage, document destruction and records management programs that can be tailored specifically for your requirements.

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