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Press Releases

Business First - August 08
Nothing fun about moving but experts make it easy.

Business First - November 06
Generations of Lincoln success fuel growth.

EC Medical Society Bulletin - Summer 08
To scan or not to scan, that is the question.

EC Medical Society Bulletin - Spring 08
A patient's 'Personal History Information' must be safeguarded.

EC Medical Society Bulletin - Fall 05
Make sure to schedule inactive files for destruction.

Atlas Amplifier
Lincoln Moving & Storage is honored.

Niagara University
Lincoln Moving & Storage is celebrated as Family Business of the Year.

GBP Action Report March 1994
Advocacy Center Forum covers requirements and procedures for retaining business records.

Whether it's hauling diapers or dynamos, the Palisano's have made trucking a Buffalo family affair.

Lincoln Archives, Inc.
The Lincoln Family of Businesses Since 1914
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