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Document Storage

Lincoln Archives knows how to save you money because we've made the capital investment that's necessary to store inactive files as needed. Our well-constructed storage facility has security and fire protection; plus the computerized inventory control system and equipment to store, file, retrieve and manage your records. These are the attributes that make Lincoln more cost effective than other storage facilities (mini-warehouses, etc.).

Security is essential. Controlled access protects your records from unauthorized access, vandalism and fire. Our security system limits access to only our authorized personnel. And of course, confidentiality is an absolute at Lincoln.

We provide Information management services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This includes your ability to access your account information and custom reports through our secure web site.

Our staff is skilled at interpreting your reference request. Our rapid retrieval capabilities allow individual folders to be accessed, transmitted or transported on-demand. We can retrieve and verify individual documents by telephone when emergency situations exist. No need to send the entire box to you, we just send what you need.

Lincoln secured vehicles and bonded personnel pick up and deliver your information. Whether on schedule, a rush job or an emergency, we'll make sure you get your information on time.

Lincoln's Retention schedule management gives our customers the ability to destroy records at the appropriate time.

With Lincoln, you can reduce your cost for file storage and management and even give you back some office space overnight!

Plus, enjoy hassle-free transfer from your current vendor to Lincoln Archives at no cost to you.

See why thousands of businesses depend on us for our security measures.

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