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Are you interested in off-site data protection but not the annoyance and expense of managing a data center? Are you interested in a disaster recovery solution you know you can count on? Then call Lincoln Archives today.

Lincoln Archives' dependable, economical, safe and secure cloud storage assists you in overcoming bandwidth limitations and security risks. Our world-class services provide everything from online backup and offsite protection of your in-house backup data to disaster recovery and more.

Get exceptionally secure, reliable, and efficient data back up and data recovery directly through the Internet.

Benefit from bulletproof data security and high-speed disaster data recovery. Recover your organization's critical systems and remotely access them in a secure, virtual environment.

Take advantage of our pay-as-you-grow management.

For nearly 20 years, Lincoln Archives has been securing, safeguarding and protecting confidential information. Originally starting out as a records storage company, Lincoln has continuously evolved. Our leaders and team members have constantly sought out value added services to provide to our loyal client base. Yet, we've never lost focus: we protect our clients' information; whether we're picking it up, storing it, re-delivering it, or destroying it.

During the first Quarter of 2009, we finalized the purchase of a new facility in WNY with the intention of relocating our growing backup tape vaulting operation to it. But we didn't stop there. Our plan was also to renovate the facility and install a state of the art data center in order to offer on-line back up services as well. After thorough technical research, interviews, case study analysis and polling of our client base, we chose Asigra as our software partner for our on-line back up services.

Data backup online and cloud backup has increased in popularity because of its convenience. Data backup online allows users to send their data to a remote data backup site without the associated cost of setting up and managing a remote data backup center, and the service can be very beneficial to small and midsized businesses, especially if they have a small staff.

Also, capital expenditures for added hardware are not necessary and backups can be run automatically without manual intervention. Data backup online is increasing in popularity as customers get more and more comfortable with the idea of keeping important backup files offsite with a trusted server backup organization.

Here are some points to consider if you are moving your data backup to a Cloud Service:

1. Go everywhere backups

Unlike tape backups, or even external hard drive backups, a Cloud Based Online Server Backup can be done anywhere you can get internet access. This is really important for laptop users who are constantly on the move.

2. Paying less

In our recession, cost is a significant issue. Our Cloud server backup and backup restore solutions allow you to pay as you go and pay for what you use with no “up front” costs. So rather than having big capital expenditures for tape drives, tapes, storage, etc. you pay an operating expense that's smaller.

3. Managed cost

Hardware based data storage backup solutions are not flexible; you buy it prior to use. But, since cloud based online backup is a service, you can be billed by invoice or direct debit or credit card.

4. No tapes to administer or lose

Owners can underestimate business tape costs: An individual has to swap tapes in and out of the drives. You need to store the tapes somewhere, both onsite and offsite. You need to transport the tapes to where ever they are stored, etc.

Another issue to consider is that a tape (or tapes) can be lost. This not only means you may not be able to restore your data if required, but it also means “other people” could gain access to your critical information.

5. User managed backup restore

Typically, most restores are for users who are restoring a corrupted, deleted, or overwritten file. And, when users want a file back - they want it back now. In a traditional backup system, the user needs to call the IT helpdesk and request a restore, at which point a person has to deal with the request and restore the file. With cloud based remote data backup, users restore their own files via the software interface. It's that simple. Before making a vendor choice here are some helpful tips:

Will Your Provider Handle All of Your Needs? Be sure to evaluate the experience of vendors. Do they provide support for all platforms and applications? How do you define roles/responsibilities? Do they offer service-level agreements, and do they stand behind them? Most importantly, do you have access to that vendor when disaster occurs? Do they offer 24/7 service?

Data Backup Online Does Not Promise Business Security Make certain data protection is your vendor's focus. How comprehensive is their service portfolio? Do they offer other capabilities beyond backup?

Consider Data Recovery, Security and Privacy Be cautious of free or nearly-free online backup services that use their clients' data to derive revenue; for instance, some businesses scan sensitive information and use it for their own intentions. Check providers to truly be aware of what their objectives with your data.

Be Aware of Your Virtual Protection Make sure that the vendor you choose can safeguard virtual environments. Will they be able to restore your data/information in the event of a disaster?

Is Your Data Mobile? Can your vendor provide access to your data quickly? Can they transfer it to a DVD or CD if need be? Can they transfer that data in the event of catastrophe? Be sure you align yourself with a vendor that is credible.

Check What You're Paying For Some vendors charge clients based on the amount of data stored. So businesses that employ regular file saves can invite higher costs based on the buildup of file changes over time. On the other hand, providers that integrate advanced deduplication and file compression essential to their data security strategy can help clients keep costs down.

Are You Protected Regardless of Location? Some providers have the capacity to back up data locally initially, and then duplicate it to the cloud. Since bandwidth is at a premium internationally, an on-premises solution for multinational organizations can mask infrastructure issues in the geography of certain countries.

Understanding What You Need Appraise provider ability and shape a solution that addresses your business requirements. On the Leading Edge Lincoln Archives is staying ahead of the market with a secure, agentless, scalable, automated backup and data backup recovery solution that aligns the value of data with its storage costs. IT Leaders evolve their environment, without being constrained by recurring backup challenges - and, Lincoln helps these Leaders by providing valuable tools such as:

Effective agentless backup/recovery Encrypted transmission and storage of protected data with simplified key management Data reduction technologies including: incremental backup, local deduplication, global deduplication, and compression Flexible backup and data backup recovery RPO & RTO granularity options Restore validation with autonomic data healing of “bad” data User enabled simple online one-pass restores Automatically moves protected data based on its age/value to correlated storage tier Scalable back-end and front-end architectures Extensive support for virtualized servers, OS, structured data applications (databases, ERP, and email application)

Bullet Points Explained by Asigra, our Software Partner

Effective agentless backup/recovery: Asigra invented agentless backup/recovery and has been perfecting it for over 23 years. There is nothing that an agent can do that our agentless system cannot do.

Encrypted transmission and storage of protected data with simplified key management: After we collect, dedupe, and compress the data, we encrypt data up to AES 256 - and is US Federal Government certified FIPS 140-2. We also manage the user encryption keys.

Data reduction technologies including incremental backup, local deduplication, global deduplication, and compression: Asigra invented data reduction for backup and data backup recovery. Our Hybrid Cloud Backup Restore captures the least amount of data at the source with it's incremental forever and time based versioning; then dedupes locally, compresses, transmitting the least amount of data possible to the backup cloud vault; finally dedupes globally from all sources before it stores the least amount of data possible on disk.

Flexible backup and recovery RPO & RTO granularity options: Our Hybrid Cloud Backup/Restore software offers a complete range of granularity from CDP level fine grain (continuous back ups) all the way up to coarse grain and everything in between. It is application and server configurable. Its CDP function is designed for both the data center and ROBO (remote office branch office). It is unique in that the CDP requires no additional licensing - and for remote offices, will provide the level of granularity that the bandwidth can support. Recovery is one pass not multi-step. Granularity is entirely up to the user. It ranges from file, table, message, and mailbox, to complete applications, databases, or volumes. In the event of a disaster, we may actually ship a disk subsystem to the client.

Restore validation with autonomic data healing of “bad” data: Our automated autonomic healing tests the backed up data for recoverability when first stored. If it is not recoverable the corrupted data is again backed up and tested. Our system is currently the only backup/recovery software providing it. The restore validation capability gives the back up vault administrator the ability to simply and easily test any or all data set recoverability without application disruption or hassle. It is a belt and suspenders approach because in the end, it's all about recoverability.

User enabled simple online one-pass restores: We enable our clients to recover their own data.

Automatically move protected data based on its age/value to correlated storage tier: The Hybrid Cloud Backup automatically moves data based on user determined time value (age) from online backup/recovery, to lower cost nearline (2-step recovery), to even a lower cost offline (2-step recovery) archive. Each step of the process is automated and reduces the software licensing as well.

Scalable back-end and front-end architectures: One of the basic concepts of cloud computing and cloud data storage backup is that it can linearly scale both up-front and back-end seamlessly. Our Hybrid Cloud Backup/Restore maintains that lineage - whether it is the front-end data collection where we have on-demand data collection where multiple back up servers (called DS-Clients) share the load based on policies; or the backend where the back up vault itself (called DS-System) utilizes grid technology and extensible data storage backup to provide a peerless scalable vault. The backend DS-System Vault also automatically migrates data as data storage backup systems are replaced.

Extensive support for virtualized servers, OS, structured data applications (databases, ERP, and email application): Our Hybrid Cloud Backup/Restore OS and structured data application support is one of the most extensive in the industry. It includes: Windows (2000, 2003, 2008), Linux, AIX, Solaris (x86 and SPARC), HP UX, Tru64 UNIX, BSD, Mac OSX, System I, NetWare, VMware ESX 3/3.5/3i, VMware vSphere4, Virtual Iron, XenServer, Parallels, Hyper-V, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, SAP, and more.

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