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Backup Tape Storage And Rotation

If a disaster strikes is your organization's data safe? Do you store all of your data in one location? How long would it take you to recover and get back to business? Back-up Tape Storage and Rotation helps protect your data in the event that disaster strikes.

Lincoln Archives' off-site tape storage vaults are climate controlled with very strict tolerances for temperature and humidity to prolong the life of the tape. These locations also have the fire protection and physical security you expect with Lincoln.

Our uniformed security professionals pick-up your back-up tapes on a regular schedule to minimize lost data. At the same time we will deliver older ones to be re-written. The tapes are scanned for tracking and to document their location on each step of the process. Tapes are then transported in secure, satellite tracked vehicles to our media vault facilities. This tape rotation service assures you of having back-up copies of your most current data, protected off-site. In the event that your tapes are needed anytime day or night, simply notify us and we will deliver them to your office,

IT Center or Disaster Recovery Location (a.k.a. - 'Hot Site'). See why thousands of businesses depend on us for our security measures.

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