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Document Scanning And Imaging Services

Even though we have heard about the paperless office for more than a decade, most organizations still have 95% of their information lying on desks and filed away in cabinets. This creates a multitude of problems for businesses. With the introduction of Sarbanes-Oxley, businesses are now required to properly maintain financial records. That includes being able to retrieve them when required. The Fair and Accurate Credit Reporting Act (FACTA) requires business to properly safeguard the personal information of employees and customers and properly destroy it. Beyond government regulations, businesses are faced with the increasing costs of storing, finding and distributing documents across multiple locations and departments.

It's true that most offices function under a flood of paper documents: employees maintain a personal archive, each office maintains another archive and then there is also an official company archive. The storage required for paper documents grows at a rate of 20-25% every year. But, once a document is in an electronic format they are easily shared with anyone who has access to the company network.

Consider just one 80 gigabyte hard drive. It can hold 2.7 million documents. Lincoln will transfer your paper records into electronic copies - these electronic copies will then be available to anyone with access to the document database. Any document can be quickly found using keywords. If a hard copy is required it can be printed and once used, shredded and recycled.

There is no longer a need to keep copies of frequently accessed documents in several places. Forms can now be sent via email instead of postal mail or overnight delivery for further cost savings. The conversion process incorporates:

Pick Up - Documents are picked up from our customer's site or pulled from storage, i.e., "Scan on Demand". Scan - Documents are scanned and indexed. Converted files are placed online on our server or yours. Media - Backup files can be stored on a CD/DVD. We provide the ability to search the database for archived electronic documents.

Storage of Media- Original and a back up CD/DVD are usually created and stored off site. Storage of Converted Documents - Converted documents are either stored at the Document Storage Center for a period of time or destroyed per customer request.

See why thousands of businesses depend on us for our security measures.

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