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Electronic Vaulting

As more data is stored electronically and with organizations depending more on the data archived in their computers, having proper backup procedures in place is vital to your business.

Electronic Vaulting works similar to a physical data backup you may do today, but instead of transferring backups to a tape drive or other media, Lincoln’s Electronic Vaulting service encrypts, condenses, then sends the backup data over the Internet to a secured back-up server. Electronic Vaulting is fully automated. Backup procedures are typically performed at night while computers are being used less, but backups can be done on-demand, any time. Electronically Vaulted files are always encrypted for complete security.

Benefits of Electronic Vaulting:

  1. Redundancy - Whether you are a multinational bank or a small-to-midsized business, you should keep multiple copies of files at various stages in their development. Only Electronic Vaulting offers easy-to-implement version control.

  2. Restoration - Electronic Vaulting lets you restore any version, at any time.

  3. Encryption - Tape backups are susceptible to infiltration; anyone can gain access to a company's customer database, billing records and other private information. Electronic Vaulting offers the strongest cryptographic methods, ensuring that no one can read the files.

  4. Disaster prevention/recovery - Even an organization that diligently backs-up its files can lose everything in case of fire, flood, earthquake or other disaster. For security sake, the wise choice is to back-up all data at an off-site location.

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