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Records & Info MGT & Process Consulting

Records Management

Many businesses are altering the way they think about records management systems and activities. This renewed awareness has been brought about by a number of factors - the explosion of electronic records, the breakdown of centralized record keeping functions, the drive to develop accountability and the increasing use of litigation to resolve disputes.

There has been a surge of legislative activity as governments strive to control the records shaped by the application of new technologies – electronic document production, e-mail, Internet and Intranets, and e-commerce.

For business reasons, records management is playing a more deliberate role within organizations. Records, both paper and electronic, are being recognized as a key corporate asset and records management is being accepted as an integral component of company information and knowledge management strategy.

Lincoln Archives' consultants are experts in all major areas of the records management industry - in practical records management, records management education and information technology systems, in both public and private sectors.

At Lincoln, we offer resourceful solutions to traditional records management problems.

Information Management

Successful execution of information management systems requires an understanding of the business and information requirements of the organization and an in-depth understanding of the technologies available.

It takes know-how to look at an organization's business processes and determine how an information technology solution can advance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the company.

Lincoln Archives can offer that expertise.

Lincoln's services include:

  • Business case development including cost benefit analysis
  • Analysis and blueprint of information management systems
  • Software and system assessment
  • System implementation and project supervision
  • Training and documentation

Process Consulting Advanced support technologies provide our team with remote, in-depth visibility into the hardware, software, and networking assets that are more and more central to your company's success. We combine this unique visibility with a rigorous process framework, giving you complete confidence that you can cut unplanned downtime and deliver on your organizations service-level commitments.

You can implement uniform processes for system changes and you can head-off potential outages, incidents, and user problems before they impact strategic business operations. Plus, you can directly align critical support services with the needs of your business.

Lincoln's business process consulting helps our clients determine and implement processes that enhance business efficiencies and reduce costs.

See why thousands of businesses depend on us for our security measures.

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