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Lincoln Security Consoles And Toters

Records Management

Lincoln Archives places secure containers - free of charge - in suitable locations throughout your organization. Lincoln comes to your business at regularly scheduled intervals and (depending on your needs) either destroys records on the spot, or they are taken to our secure destruction facility.

Lincoln's Security Consoles are essential to any organization. They are deliberately designed to keep documents confidential until properly destroyed. This console holds up to 100 pounds of paper and they can be placed anywhere in your office area. Printers or fax machines can easily fit on top of our consoles to save room.

Lincoln's durable 65 gallon Toters hold up to 200 pounds of paper and our 95 gallon Toters hold up to 300 pounds. This secure document container is outstanding for technology centers, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government facilities or wherever security is critical. They can be placed in copy rooms, break rooms or in the back of facilities.

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