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Frequesntly Asked Questions

Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Information Management Services.

Before choosing a professional to handle your company's information management needs, ask these important questions.

1) Can I access information 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year?

Answer: Yes.

2) Are your employees required to sign confidentiality agreements?

Answer: Yes. We also do background checks - plus our employees are bonded and insured.

3) Do you allow employees to smoke on the premises?

Answer: No. There is no smoking allowed in any Lincoln facility. For security measures, we have a dry sprinkler system, monitored and alarmed 24x7. Lincoln also has smoke and heat detection devices that are separate from our fire suppression system.

4) Can I review and photocopy documents on-site? How large is the client viewing area? Are their any time or volume limits?

Answer: Yes, we have a variety of audit rooms on site which can be rented by the hour, day, week, month or year. There are no capacity limits.

5) Are your magnetic media storage facilities climate controlled?

Answer: Yes, our tape storage vault is climate controlled within narrow margins for temperature and humidity. It is also monitored and recorded.

6) What is your normal turn-around time for pick-up and delivery? Are emergency delivery services available?

Answer: Normal turn-around time is typically same day or next day; depending on your location. Emergency deliveries are generally performed within 1-2 hours.

7) What security measures control access to the building and ensure my confidential information is protected?

Answer: All storage vaults are locked at all times. Each vault requires the use of one of the following: a key, key card, key punch security code or key fob to gain access. Visitors must use a lobby phone to call our office for escort through a security door to our reception area. There are two more locked security doors to get to any storage vault. All building and perimeter areas are monitored and recorded via our video surveillance system. No one gets near or inside our building without being seen and recorded.

8) What type of inventory tracking system do you have in place?

Answer: We have a fully bar coded web based tracking system. We scan container bar codes, even document bar codes when retrieving or filing information. Your user account provides tracking and reporting of your inventory, activities, audit trails, destruction reports, etc.

9) What measures does your facility have in place to protect my company's information against damage from natural disasters like floods?

Answer: Our storage facility is a hardened structure, designed to withstand the severest storms. All storage is done at least 16 feet above street level.

10) If my information needs to be destroyed, what's the process?

Answer: You'll simply log into your account, access a report entitled "Container Expiration by Date," and type in a destroy date. The system will then list all containers available to be destroyed after that day. You simply click on the ones you want, print the report, sign it and fax it to us (we need your signature - we never, ever destroy without your written authorization). We'll pull the containers, shred the documents and issue a "Certificate of Destruction" certifying complete, confidential destruction of your information.

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