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Information Is Power

Keep yours safe - with secured storage.

Why Keep Information Globally Safe? Because your life - and your company - are your business.

Lincoln Archives provides a full array of multi-format, climate controlled, information management services. And, in the process, you'll benefit from peace of mind and liberated office space.

We provide:

  • Document & File Storage Services
  • Computer Back-up Tape Vaulting Services
  • On-Line Back-up Services (e-Vaulting)
  • Lincoln Sentry Service™ (Disaster Recovery 24/7)
Government regulations demand greater security and confidentiality. We make security simple.™ A spectrum of tasks can be completed from your desktop through our safeguarded website. Plus, Chain of Custody Documentation and Satellite tracked Pick-up & Delivery Vehicles are primary parts of our procedure.

Rely on Lincoln.™ Four generations of trust since 1914.

Safe, Secure. Solutions.™