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Common Security Practices Increase Fear; Not Decrease  

Basic security systems are an easy target for Cybercriminals

Basic security systems lead to Phishing Attacks

Common Security Practices Increase Fear; Not Decrease  

Not only has it been noted that 81% of companies have noticed an increase in the frequency of email-based attacks, but the cost of breaches has gone up as well. Cybercriminals are choosing attacks with a quicker payout, but they won’t stop there. Businesses of all sizes reside in fear of their valuable information being stolen, from ransomware to email phishing, every company must be prepared for all types of attacks.

As businesses are relying too heavily on basic security systems, such as Office 365, this allows cybercriminals too easy of an opportunity to hack important information. Cybercriminals are able to retrieve login credentials, thus compromising the account and targeting other individuals in the company. Ransomware and spear phishing mitigate the need for a middleman, allowing cybercriminals to get paid directly. Spear phishing is more personalized than other attacks, dismissing the use of malicious links and attachments, rather requesting supposedly legitimate requests to wire money.

LACyber, a division of Lincoln Archives, utilizes a multi-layered approach to security within businesses. LACyber provides comprehensive Data Protection, Breach Readiness, Defense, Response, Notification and Recovery Services to reduce risks, harden defenses, and create readiness steps to respond to loss, and/or a data breach.

Lincoln Archives is the only family owned NAID AAA Certified organization in WNY and includes the division of LACyber providing comprehensive Data Breach Defense Services. Lincoln Archives is proud to be a part of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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