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Beat the Holiday Rush

Beat the Holiday Rush

While the snow may not have fallen quite yet, it is soon going to overtake our drives into work. Along with the snow comes the craziness and fun-filled holiday season and with that comes the notion of starting fresh for the new year. Before you can start fresh,  completing many ends of the year tasks is a hefty task for many. From the end of the year reports to shopping lists galore to holiday parties every weekend, the end of the year, while the considered the best time of the year, it is also the craziest. Included in the end of the year tasks is the task of completing yearly destruction needs. From cleaning out filing cabinets or storage rooms, the phones at Lincoln Archives during the month of December ring like the North Pole with children checking to see if they are on the nice list.

Below are some reasons why placing a request in November while dreams of turkey still fill the mind will present a better option:

1. Focus on Must-Do Items

Like described, the end of the year is jam-packed with “must-do” items such as budget submissions, calendars, and other required items. Have time to focus on these items knowing your yearly destruction needs are already complete. In addition, buying gifts for everyone (and then some) on your list should be your main focus! Be able to cross one thing off your “to-do” list and in turn purchase that one last gift for that special someone.  


2. Mark a Date on Your Calendar

By submitting your request earlier than most, you will beat the crowd much like beating the crowds at the mall (if you still shop at a mall, that is). For scheduling purposes, you will be able to have a date to mark on your calendar within a quicker timeframe.  


3. Receive Documentation

Alongside being able to complete an item off your “to-do” list early on, you will be able to have a Certificate of Destruction before the close of the year. As Lincoln Archives is NAID AAA Certified for Document Destruction and Data Destruction (the only family-owned local company in Buffalo that has this certification) you can have the confidence your information was securely destroyed going into the new year.

Each holiday season, the staff at Lincoln Archives want to express our gratitude to our many clients that make the end of the year a joyous time for us. As we have been able to assist our fellow businesses in the Buffalo area for the past 25 years, we look forward to assisting many in the 25+ years that follow.


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Lincoln Archives is the only family-owned NAID AAA Certified organization in WNY and includes the division of LACyber providing comprehensive Data Breach Defense Services. Lincoln Archives is proud to be a part of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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