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Lincoln Family Innovation Collaboration at BNMC

Lincoln Archives, Lincoln Moving and Storage, and Biosan join the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Lincoln Family Innovation Collaboration at BNMC

Ironed your tie, rehearsed your presentation, and you think to yourself “just one more time”. You turn on your laptop just to discover it won’t turn on. Plugged in and…nothing. You think to yourself “if only there was a way to access this presentation remotely”.

Does this situation seems familiar to you? Similar situations have happened to me, at least once. The team at Lincoln Archives recognized how this situation can create fear for the hundreds of entrepreneurs working in the Thomas R. Beecher, Jr. Innovation Center a part of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC) as well as all throughout Western New York.

Comprised of medical and research centers, business complexes, and educational facilities, the BNMC is commonly referred to as the center of innovation for Downtown Buffalo. While offering innovative data protection services for several years, the collective innovation occurring downtown caused the team at Lincoln Archives as well as other companies of the Lincoln Family of Companies to become tenants in the Innovation Center. This centralized location allows data protection services as well as other innovated services to be made readily available to the various businesses that are a part of the BNMC.

President of Lincoln Moving & Storage, Tim Palisano, said “We have a unique suite of services among our companies that…will be a resource for established, growing and new companies…”. With the goal to create dynamic relationships with fellow members of the BNMC, attending events such as “Beakers and Beers” and hosting seminars such as “Lunch and Learn” , members of the Lincoln Archives and Lincoln Family of Companies team look forward to not only providing services to fellow members of the BNMC, but also, -and perhaps more importantly-serving as a local resource for innovation.

The Lincoln Family of Companies was founded in 1914 by John Palisano and his six sons. Starting as the Lincoln Storage & Carting Company of Buffalo, Inc. on Niagara Street with one horse and one wagon, the company’s steady growth resulted from quality transportation and delivery services. Today, over 100 years later, the Lincoln Family of Companies offer clients a century’s worth of superior service and customer satisfaction across a wide range of interconnected areas of expertise, serving the Western New York, Rochester, Syracuse and Tampa, FL markets.

Author: Kathryn Turner, Lincoln Archives Sales and Marketing Coordinator

by Kelly Flicinski

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