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Services and Customer Relations combine to offer love on Valentine’s Day

Lincoln Archives services and customer relations provide love and trust every day, including Valentine’s Day.

Services and Customer Relations combine to offer love on Valentine’s Day

As bouquets of roses and chocolates fill up offices from Williamsville to Niagara Falls, it’s hard not to be engulfed in the excitement that surrounds Valentine’s day. Celebrating the love, care, and support that is present in many relationships serves as a reminder of the importance of these aspects on a daily basis. Here at Lincoln Archives not only do we want to express appreciation for the continued support from our clients that makes us feel like your Valentine every day, but we also want to articulate how some of the same qualities are conveyed through our services and customer relations.

Embarking on our 25th year in business, it goes without saying that it’s our clients that have enabled us to be successful. Whether it may be choosing us for additional services and/or serving as an advocate by referring additional clients, it’s your continued support we want to express gratitude for.

Protecting information, either by destroying it, storing it, or backing it up, offers a sense of confidence and faith much like the relationship that exists in romantic or platonic relationship. For clients seeking document shredding services, many choose the option to have their documents shredded at Lincoln Archives off-site secure shredding facility, commonly referred to as off-site shredding. With this option, one’s trust is that their information was properly protected and destroyed. This trust is confirmed when a Certification of Destruction is issued. This certificate is produced for on-site shredding as well and is coupled with Lincoln Archives NAID AAA Certification . Lincoln Archives is proud to be the only family-owned, local (WNY) company that has this certification. In addition to our shredding services, the secure protection issued through Data Protection services serves as the defense for data breaches and ransomware attacks.

In addition, the aspects expressed through our customer relations aim to provide care and attentiveness to our all of our clients. For clients of the past several years, our Customer Service Representative, Roberta, should be very familiar to you. Roberta combines her customer service expertise and passion for assisting clients to enhance our client relationships to go beyond the services offered.

Together with our focus on customer relations and services regarding safeguarding confidential information Lincoln Archives want to be considered your friends in the business and on this day maybe even your Valentines because are most you certainly are ours.

Author: Kathryn Turner, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

by Kathryn Turner

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