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3 Facts to Protecting Your Information with Authorized User Lists

Lincoln Archives enhances security within an organization through utilizing an Authorized User List.

3 Facts to Protecting Your Information with Authorized User Lists

“I’m sorry, but you are not an authorized user.” This phrase as some may refer to it as “the dreaded phrase” as it limits accessing any additional information, serves as one of the many ways information is protected through Lincoln Archives. By enhancing the security within Lincoln Archives as well as within each organization, an authorized user list serves as one of the pillars of security.

Below explains what an Authorized User List is, when this list is checked, and how an individual can be placed on or removed from the list.

What is an Authorized User List?

• By limiting access to certain individuals, confidential materials and information are kept secure. Only those denoted as authorized are able to place requests such as wanting an additional shredding container for one’s office or placing an order for files to be delivered or picked-up for storage. As some activities involve more access to confidential materials, organizations may choose to dictate what activities certain individuals are permissible to do such as only request pick-ups.

When is an Authorized User List Checked?

• Checked every time an employee places a request, either via phone, web or at a client’s location with any of our drivers, guaranteeing authorization in all instances enhances security in all aspects of the organization.

How to be on the Authorized User List:

• If you personally have been told the phrase which began this blog, the phrase “You need to contact “name of authorized person” to make the request or to authorize you” quickly followed. In order to denote someone as authorized, an existing authorized user needs to make contact with the office. This procedure is followed for the removal of authorized users as well. As many people can move to a different company, it's highly recommended to update the list of authorized users frequently. If you may chance are the internal contact setting, requesting a recurring shredding or document storage. service for the first time, you automatically become the authorized user.

Providing insight as to what it means if a fellow employee comes to you asking to be authorized and why this produce is followed aims to provide additional understanding of the ways Lincoln Archives protects information. If you have additional questions about authorized user list, please contact Roberta, Customer Service Representative, at 716-871-7040.

Author: Kathryn Tuner, Marketing Coordinator

by Kathryn Turner

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