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Which Back Up is Best?

Cloud Based Backup, Tape Vaulting, and Long Term Data Archiving all offer superb ways to protect your organization's data, but how do you know if you’re choosing the best option?

Cloud Based Backup

Which Back Up is Best?

Which Back-Up is Best?

Cloud Based Backup, Tape Vaulting, and Long Term Data Archiving all offer superb ways to protect your organization's data, but how do you know if you’re choosing the best option for your organization?

By now, it's common knowledge that data breaches and Ransomware attacks happen almost every minute and can affect a business regardless of size or location. As these breaches have been occurring, our team here at Lincoln Archives has been sharing the benefits of Data Back-Up services and how they can serve as the best defense for any and all security breaches. In fact, President and CEO of Erie County Medical Center, Thomas Quatroche, was quoted in the recent Buffalo News article How ECMC got hacked by cyber extortionists – and how it's recovering, saying “Whether to pay [the ransom] or not is a very individual thing”… “If you have no backup, you have no choice."

One might be surprised to know there are actually several ways to back up an organization’s data to properly protect information. Each service as part of our Data Back-Up and Storage Services provide secure off-site protection of data, but provide different attributes to best fit a company’s needs.

Below outlines a few key points to assist with choosing the best back-up option for your organization:

Cloud Based Backup & Recovery - Electronic Data Services

Lincoln-Backup (Linc-upâ„¢) is designed to offer backup efficiencies unavailable with traditional backup architecture by allowing you to capture less, ingest less, and store less data -- reducing the number of backup assets you buy, manage and maintain.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum Security - Your data is secure because the transmission and storage of your data is encrypted at the source up to AE5 256 bit encryption. Once encrypted, your data remains encrypted at all times: "in-flight" to us, "at rest" with us, and back to you during restores.

  • Agent-less Backup and Recovery - Our cloud backup is "agent-less". That means it's not only easier to install and support, your computers are also not exposed to the security threats and malicious software inherent in "agent-based" recovery systems.

  • User-Enabled Recovery - Our user-enabled, simple, online system lets you recover your own data, when you need it, from any location, to any location.

  • Fast Recovery - Our system is fast, allowing complete recovery of your data in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

  • Supports All Applications - Unlike other cloud backup and recovery options, we support all leading applications and operating systems, protecting servers, desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

  • Flexible Backup & Recovery - Efficient and Cost-Effective - Our de-duplication and data compression technology ensures that all your data will be efficiently and cost-effectively stored.

Backup Tape Vaulting & Rotation Services

Off-site tape storage vaults are climate controlled with very strict tolerances for temperature and humidity to prolong the life of the tape. These locations also have the fire protection and physical security you expect with Lincoln. Backup tape vaulting is also a GREAT option for companies that have data storage requirements for long- term legal retention purposes and e-discovery requirements.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Secure Transport - Your backup tapes are securely transported between your facility and ours inside our locked vehicles, in specially- designed, locked containers.

  • Secure Facility - Our vaults are climate- controlled and feature ft re suppression systems, key-pad entry, video monitoring and security alarms.

  • Ensures Business Continuity - In the event of disaster our backup tape vaulting will help ensure the continuity of your business by providing reliable copies of your data.

  • Saves Time and Money - No more having to allocate staff hours to drive to and from the off-site backup location. Our service helps you save time and money and allows you to predictably budget the entire process.

Long Term Data Archiving

Similar to Backup Tape Vaulting & Rotation Services, Tapes are archived in an Off-site climate controlled tape storage vaults. Abiding by strict tolerances for temperature and humidity to prolong the life of the tape and fire protection and physical security.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • More Server Space: With LTFS Tape Drives we can bring a portable appliance to your location and allow your techs to offload old & unused data to be permanently archived onto LTO Backup Tapes to free- up servers from large unused data files.

  • Quick Restore: Should you need to restore a file at a later date, we can simple plug the tape into one of our cloud servers and you can have total secure access to your records, files & data... When finished, the tape is removed and your data is safe & secure. Linear Tape File System (LTFS)- You can drag and drop files from your server to the tape, see the list of saved files using a standard operating system directory (no backup software catalog needed), and use point and click to restore.

In addition to the above services, Lincoln Archives’ partnership with CSR Professional Services allows us to provide our clients with professional help when (as it’s a case of when not if) a data breach occurs within an organization.

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY Family Owned, LOCAL (WNY) Company that provides NAID AAA Certified SECURE DOCUMENT SHREDDING . Lincoln Archives is a member of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Buffalo community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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