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New services in the “Information & Data Protection Business"

Lincoln Archives adds new services to distinguish itself in the Information & Data Protection Business.

Lincoln Archives adds new Information & Data Protection services to distinguish itself in the information protection bus

New services in the “Information & Data Protection Business"

Accordingly to the article, Adapt Or Die: Your Business’s Only Options In An Evolving Economy published by Fast Company, the author, Faisal Hoque, describes the qualities a business must possess in order to withstand the test of time. Lincoln Archives president, Bill Palisano, follows a similar aspect as he describes how recognizing “which business” a company is in can enable the company to flourish despite changes in society or within an economy.

Bill’s thoughts are listed below as well as shared through a recent President’s message article:

“When I was in college, in a very entrepreneurial focused management class, we did a case study on the railroads. From the 1800’s through the turn of the century, and really through the 1940’s, the railroads were THEE way that virtually all products got from manufacturers to distribution centers/warehouses/stores (and ultimately to consumers). The railroad was also THEE way people got from point A to point B, (especially for longer trips). The professor showed us how powerful the railroads became. They ‘controlled’ how people and product got around in the US. And they knew it. They treated businesses and people accordingly. Their mentality was – if you don’t like it… tough; (suck it up!). We’re the railroad, this is how it’s going to be…

But (and here’s the lesson), the railroads really didn’t understand what business they were in. They thought they were in ‘the railroad business’. Because of that belief, they did not innovate, and they did not focus on client service, nor improvement. What they didn’t understand was that really, they were in the ‘transportation business’. This, they only learned several decades later, as cars became the norm for shorter trips, and airplanes became the norm for longer trips. For freight transportation, trucks became the norm. Starting out smaller in size then growing to larger and larger capacity trucks, the trucking industry took over (in about the 1950’s onward). People and businesses had a choice now, and being ‘abused’ by the railroad was no longer ‘necessary’. People voted with their dollars and the railroads have seen significant decreases in users/clients/business ever since. The point was: They didn’t really know what business they were in.

Similarly, we then did a case study on the US Postal Service. They thought they were in the ‘mail business’ instead of the letter and package delivery business. Long story short: FedEx and UPS came along, and taught them what business they were really in. The Postal Service had been fighting for its’ very survival ever since. Again, they too really didn’t understand what business they were in.

Why am I telling you this? I have many friends (in other cities, and in other countries) who own businesses which provide similar services as mine does. But, I have heard so many talking like, acting like and thinking like the railroads used to. They think and talk like they are in ‘the shredding business’ or ‘the records storage business’, or the ‘backup & recovery business’, the ‘compliance business’, the ‘cyber-security’ business, the ID Theft Protection business, etc., etc. etc. To me, I think they are missing the big picture. It concerns me that these people (my friends) are looking at what they do on a way too small, micro basis.

I try to look at what we do on a much broader scale. I believe that we are in the ‘Information & Data Protection Business’. Our ultimate goal is to simply help protect valuable information, from ‘the bad guys’, while at the same time, have it readily and quickly available to ‘the good guys’. Who are the bad guys? Anyone who shouldn’t have access to it, period. The good guys? Duh: those who own it or need it to do ‘good stuff’ (or at least to do their jobs). And, when bad things happen… to be there to assist. Pretty simple, and pretty broad.

I believe that this macro view has helped me to keep Lincoln Archives ‘relevant’. It’s framework has compelled my team to add several valuable products and services over the last twenty-five years. With that view in mind, my intention is that it will drive us to continuously improve and innovate. What new products and/or services should we be offering? Please tell us. We’re listening.


So, think about this: What business are YOU really in?”


As a member of the Information & Data Protection Business, the connection of Lincoln Archives to the increase of Ransomware and Data Breaches attacks in recent years has led to the addition of Data Breach Protection and Notification services as well as Data Back-up services through Barracuda to the line of services offered at Lincoln Archives. These additions enable Lincoln Archives to continue to offer a full range of Data Protection services. To elaborate on the benefits of these services and how they aid in protecting information, a blog series will follow this post.

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY Family Owned, LOCAL Company providing NAID AAA Certified document and data destruction services and is a proud member of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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