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Disaster Preparedness with Lincoln Archives

Some disaster preparedness tips for protecting your data and information that can be used even without a hurricane in the horizon.

Tips to Protect Your Data With or Without Facing a Hurricane

Disaster Preparedness with Lincoln Archives

As many hurricanes have affected the United States and other areas, we wanted to highlight some disaster preparedness tips for protecting your data and information that can be used even without a hurricane in the horizon.

1. Back-Up Data Off-Site:

Lincoln Archives' off-site tape storage services are truly meant with the thought of preparing for a disaster. climate controlled with very strict tolerances for temperature and humidity to prolong the life of the tape. These locations also have the fire protection and physical security you expect. Backing up your data via cloud provides another great option to safeguard your information.

2. Store Information Off-Site:

Be assured your information will be protected from several elements. Consisting of a two-alarm system, dry-sprinkled, our locked document storage vaults provide confidence your information is protected to the best ability it can be. In addition to physical elements, these security procedures satisfy HIPPA and other requirements combining security on all ends.

3. Call for Back-Up Power

If you’re in need of a short-term solution for your business to be in operation, our Mobile Emergency Power Service can satisfy that need. As Western New York's first and only dedicated Emergency Mobile Power Unit for Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity with enough "juice'' to operate ALL of your critical information delivery systems, we can operate everything from your lights and phones to your email, web servers, network, and desktops. Our Emergency Mobile Power Unit provides clean, consistent, filtered power and is available to any business in the Greater Buffalo area, with priority given to our existing, recurring clients.

As these tips provide just some tips for your information, they don’t protect the most important thing-yourself. The entire team here at Lincoln Archives is thinking of our fellow citizens in Texas, Florida and other states and entities affected by the several hurricanes. To find out how you can provide assistance, visit this site.

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY Family Owned, LOCAL Company providing NAID AAA Certified document and data destruction services and is a proud member of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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