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Lincoln Moving and Storage and Lincoln Archives. What’s the Difference?

With Lincoln in the name, it’s easy to get confused, but Lincoln Archives and Lincoln Moving and Storage, while sharing the same goal of protecting your belongings, operate as two separate companies.

Lincoln Archives and Lincoln Moving and Storage share the same goal of protecting your belongings.

Lincoln Moving and Storage and Lincoln Archives. What’s the Difference?

While both sharing the same focus of providing superior service and customer satisfaction as a part of belonging to the Lincoln Family of Companies, Lincoln Moving and Storage and Lincoln Archives offer expertise in specific areas and provide great, yet different services.

A few of the differences are listed below:

1. Data Protection

White Lincoln Moving can assist with your moving, Lincoln Archives can ensure your information either physical or digital is protected. By recently adding a Data Breach Readiness service as well as updated options surrounding Cloud-Based Back-up, Lincoln Archives to be the only all-inclusive local Data Protection Partner in WNY. Both of these services combine with the various options available to protect information Cyber Security Threats and Data Breaches are affecting businesses on a daily basis.

2. Atlas Agent

As an agent of Atlas Van Lines, Lincoln Moving has the capability to move you from state to state, around the world or even just around the corner. This flexibility allows for any more to be simple and easy and thus reduce the stress that surrounds the notion of moving. While Lincoln Archives can clear our your boxes from your office space, Lincoln Moving can help you pack and move your desk and other necessary items.

3. Secure Storage

While both offering storage options, Lincoln Archives document storage vaults are HIPPA compliant and are specially designed to protected confidential documents such as medical or financial records. The storage units apart of Lincoln Moving and Storage are great for furniture, or interior items either before, during or after a move.

Even though two separate companies, the connection between the two companies makes it easier to contact a representative a part of each company. In fact, just recently I had a client of Lincoln Moving come to me as they were looking to move their office, but wanted to properly destroy their files in their file cabinets first. Working together with Lincoln Moving, both of the client's needs were able to be met on the same day demonstrating the benefits of the connection.

In addition to Lincoln Archives and Lincoln Moving, the Lincoln Family of Companies consists of a medical waste company, Biosan, a short-term storage facility, Lincoln Self-Storage, a logistics and distribution warehouse, Lincoln Warehousing, and an international base for commercial goods, Western New York Foreign Trade Zone. More information on all the companies can be found here: Lincoln Family of Companies

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY, LOCAL all-inclusive Data Protection Provider and is NAID AAA Certified for Document Destruction and Data Destruction. Lincoln Archives is proud to be a part of the family-owned Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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