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What the Holiday Season means to Lincoln Archives

As the cold and the season draw near, Lincoln Archives looks forward to celebrating with our clients.

What the Holiday Season means to Lincoln Archives

What the Holiday Season means to Lincoln Archives

As several organizations complete year-end shredding jobs, our staff prepares for the busiest season and we look forward to serving you as the only NAID AAA Certified family owned and operated local company for Document and Data Destruction.

In addition to an increase in document shredding requests towards the end of the year, our organization expresses our graduate to our clients who have enabled us to operate every day of the year…for the past 25 years. For our clients, whether small or large, we strive to provide memorial and thoughtful gifts during the holiday season. If you were a client with us last year, you may recall receiving a truck filled with candy to be placed on your desk, or if you happened to be one of our larger clients, you may even recall recceing a box with the theme of “ALL-IN WNY” filled with a poker set and other materials from the WNY area. This box represented our commitment to Buffalo area as well as our commitment to support our fellow small and local businesses. As we look to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2018, we look forward to sending a very special box to our larger clients this year holiday season.

Wither it be providing assistance with document shredding services or lifting up spirits with holiday gifts, Lincoln Archives looks forward to sharing in the upcoming holiday season with all of our clients.

by Kathryn Turner

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