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Celebrating the New Year with New Services

Lincoln Archives invites you to celebrate what's to come in 2018.

Celebrating the New Year with New Services

Lincoln Archives President, William Palisano, looks to celebrate together. As mentioned in my previous message, Data Breaches: Be Proactive, Active and Reactive, Lincoln Archives has another existing story. This existing "story" is actually an event focusing on three exciting things happening in the Lincoln Archives in 2018.

At our New Year, New Services event you can expect:

  1. New Product Launch - Lincoln Archives is 'not just archiving, anymore'. We're launching a whole suite of new data protection/breach defense and breach response services in 2018. These will include Proactive, Active, and Reactive services - all designed to assist clients in hopefully avoiding a breach. If that "if" becomes "when" we now have services to assist with legally required breach notifications...
  2. Celebration of our 25th Anniversary-2018 marks our Silver Anniversary, and we're very proud of this accomplishment. As statistics prove, a limited number of companies are successful after 5 years let alone 25! We couldn't have made it here with major support, so we would like to celebrate with those who allowed this to happen. In addition to our current clients, we invite those interested in our services to stop by to understand just what it means to be the only all-inclusive Data Protection company in WNY.
  3. Celebration of Holiday season- To celebrate the Christmas Cheer, plenty of hors-d'oeuvres, cocktails and gifts will be provided. With the recent addition of Uber to our community, we encourage people to utilize this service to and from your office... or wherever you may go after. As we're in the business of keeping information confidential, and it's a Friday afternoon during the holiday season.. in an upscale venue Downtown... with a few drinks... we will not dissolve when (or if) you go back to your office.

Please join on Dec. 15th at SOHO Burger Bar to celebrate our event: New Year, New Services. To attend, email Kathryn at no later than Dec. 11th.

by Kathryn Turner

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