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Your Local Data Protection Partner What it means to be all inclusive

As a leading provider of Information Protection services for Buffalo for the past 25 years, the services of Lincoln Archives now include more ways to protect your data.

Your Local Data Protection Partner - What it means to be all-inclusive

Your Local Data Protection Partner What it means to be all inclusive

As a leading provider of Document Management Services for Buffalo area for the past 25 years, the Lincoln Archives team recognized data (which includes physical information) needed to be protected on all-fronts. Even before Data Breaches and Ransomware increased at an astounding rate, we wanted to provide clients with a way to protect their data on all aspects. As we added the services of Long-Term Data Storage, Document Scanning Services, throughout the years, offering a full range of data protection services that include our enhancement to our Cloud Back-Up And Recovery service and Data Readiness services, enables us to be a “one-stop-shop” for our clients and the Only LOCAL All-Inclusive Local Data Protection Partner.

Below are the top three benefits to an organization of our all-inclusive services:

1. Time and Cost Saving

You or your staff don’t have to complete research on companies every time you need a data service done. If an existing client, just give a quick phone call and we’ll take care of you with an additional service. If new, just one phone call can allow for the discussion on serval items rather than calling separate companies for each service. Not only does “Time=Money”, but by being a client of ours with various services, we may be able to reduce your costs, depending on circumstances.

2. Familiar Voice

As it’s always easier talking to someone you’re familiar, you’ll be speaking to the same people for your shredding or data requests and form a personal relationship with us instead of trying to develop a relationship with new representatives all the time.

3. Less Paperwork
When you use multiple services form us initially, we’ll combine your service agreement as much as we can to provide you with one, not several, contracts thus eliminating the need to constantly look up pricing or remember renewal dates with different companies.

We thank you for not only reading along in this blog series but also enabling us to expand over the years to get to this point which proves the statistics of only 1/3 of small business succeed after the first five years, (let alone almost 25) is no match for Lincoln Archives.

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY, LOCAL all-inclusive Data Protection Provider and is NAID AAA Certified for Document Destruction and Data Destruction Lincoln Archives is proud to be a part of the family-owned Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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