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Welcome to Lincoln Archives’ Blog

A Buffalo Family-Owned company innovates on a daily basis.

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Welcome to Lincoln Archives’ Blog

Hello, and welcome to Lincoln Archives’ blog. As the Sales and Marketing Coordinator, I’m excited to utilize this platform to further connect to our readers, both clients, and non-clients, on the topics of innovation, data protection, and additional specialized topics. Below describes what Lincoln Archives’ looks forward to sharing and discussing with you.

What to expect:

• An inside look at the personnel and details behind Lincoln Archives and the Lincoln Family of Companies. From Jason M who has been with the team over 10 years, to recent news about Lincoln Archives and Lincoln Family of Companies, this topic will discuss how Lincoln Archives continues to innovate daily.

• Did you know Lincoln Archives offers 10 different services surrounding Information Management and Data Protection? You’ll be able to learn about all the unique features of our product and services.

• Lincoln Archives prides itself on being an expert in Data Protection. Learn how this expertise can connect to the unique needs of various industries such as Legal, Financial and Medical Services.

• We are excited to start this blog at a time when the Queen City is experiencing what some are referring to as a “revival”. Information about events Lincoln Archives is hosting or attending in the Buffalo area, the connections with fellow Buffalo small businesses, and what it means to be a business in Buffalo especially in 2016 will be discussed through this blog.

Rules for Commenting Engagement for Lincoln Archives’ Blog:

In order to create the best possible place for conversation, members of the Lincoln Archives’ team have created standards regarding posting comments:

• Comments containing profanity, are offensive and/ or are disrespectful will be removed. • This blog is a public forum – don’t post anything confidential or private. • For specific customer issues, please complete a Contact Us request or call 716-871-7040 so that we can best assist you.

The entire Lincoln Archives’ Team thanks you in advance for reading, contributing, and supporting our company.

-Kathryn Turner, Lincoln Archives Sales and Marketing Coordinator

by Kathryn Turner

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