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Three Reasons to Shred in the New Year

How Lincoln Archives Document Destruction and Shredding services can help start your new year off right.

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Three Reasons to Shred in the New Year

Three Reasons to Shred in the New Year

As the start of a new year presents a great time to start (or restart) a desire for a healthier lifestyle, one way to do just that is to de-clutter your office. Either due to an end-of-year cleanout or documents have reached past their retention period, Lincoln Archives Document Destruction and Shredding services can assist with your destruction needs.

Below are the top three reasons to shred in the new year:

1. Protect Your Information:

Start the new year off by knowing your information will be secure. As the ONLY Family Owned NAID AAA Certified Document Decscution and Data Destruction company in Buffalo, NY, you can have confidence knowing the highest standards in the Destruction industry will be followed to protect your information. Also, different from other shredding companies in Buffalo, Lincoln Archives never disclosures the name or location of current or potential clients.

2. Start Fresh:

Begin with a new frame of mind as well as a clean office or storage room. By destroying information that’s past its retention date or finally getting around to cleaning out old files, keep your to-do list short as you start off the new year.

3. Maintain Procedure

Just like many new year resolutions, maintaining them throughout the year may be the hardest part. While one-time purge services are great for cleaning out that one closet, don’t let files pile up and face this every year. Having a secure container in your office will provide you with a place to hold confidential documents until thy can be properly destroyed.

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Lincoln Archives is a member of Lincoln Family of Companies which has been serving the Western New York Community since 1914 and is the ONLY Family Owned, LOCAL (WNY) Company providing NAID AAA Certified SECURE DOCUMENT SHREDDING.

by Kathryn Turner

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