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Myth Busting: Secure Storage

Three words you never want to hear: “You’ve been breached”.Wither a digital or physical breach, the harm is just the same. Protect your Data with Secure Storage.

Document Storage Facility Buffalo NY HIPAA Compliant

Myth Busting: Secure Storage

Three words you never want to hear: “You’ve been breached”. These three words can cost a business thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Wither a digital or physical breach, the harm is just the same. In fact, a business recently lost over $150,00 worth of information because one hard-drive was removed from their storage facility.  Lincoln Archives secure document storage services are here to help you avoid this situation at all costs. With various security measures taken to protect your information securing your information has never been easier.

Below are the top five Myths about storing of confidential information:

1. As long as it’s locked, it’s good to store in.

The case mentioned above resulted from a storage locker being broken into therefore disproving this myth right off the bat. Just one lock is not good enough. For confidential information-especially medical records-several locking systems need to be in place to comply with regulations. Lincoln Archives secure storage facility is equipped with two locking system as well as other elements to truly protect your data and not to mention HIPAA compliant.

2. Location doesn’t matter.

With what it seems as self-storage facility around everyone corner, you may think these facilities are just the same as one another and it doesn’t matter which one to choose. This cant be further from the truth, in fact, you shouldn’t store materials in a storage locker at all. Lincoln Archives storage facility is in a building which has been in Buffalo NY for over 100 years. Previously home to materials used to create other secure items, the building has been trusted to protect materials for generations and won’t be replaced anytime soon-contrary to a self-storage unit.

3. No need to watch over the information.

With the amount at state, watching over your information is a must. However, this is not possible without some help. Lincoln Archives has 24/7 monitoring of all floors as well as at every secure entryway. In addition to motioning, any personnel accessing files are routinely background checked to ensure your information is protected at every stage.

With these three top myths busted, it might time to rethink how you store your documents. Trust the only Family Owned, LOCAL all-inclusive Data Protection Provider protecting information for over 25 years. Fill out the form here or call us at 871-740 to discuss.

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY Family Owned, LOCAL Company providing NAID AAA Certified document and data destruction services and is a proud member of Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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