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How to Protect Against the Biggest Cause of Data Breaches

Protect your information with Email Security

Email Security To protect against Data Breaches

How to Protect Against the Biggest Cause of Data Breaches

According to the 2017 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, the number one cause of data breaches was through web applications. Applications such as Drop Box, Google Docs, and Docusign are some of the more prevalent used apps. As these applications allow for a place to store and access information in one space, they are a giant target for cyber criminals. In addition to the security concerns throughout the apps themselves, recent threats have included attempts at login information.

Due to the increase in these types of threats, below includes some ways to make sure you’re protected:

Ways to stay protected:

Access Links Via a Webpage:
By entering the weblink into the address bar rather than clicking in on the emails you can avoid proving your login information to unwanted parties.

Stay Cautious:
You should always practice precautions if opening up something that “just doesn’t look right”, however, many emails that are spam may even include the company’s logo so you should always stay cautious when opening up your inbox.

Secure Your Inbox:
One of the best ways to ensure you don’t click on a link is to ensure emails doesn’t get to your inbox in the first place. One of our Data Protection Services includes Email Security which places a “sandbox” on your email platform. This sandbox is where malicious emails go first before hitting your inbox directly. and then you can then decide if you would it delivered. This process ensures the most secure aspects are in play to protect your information, so much, in fact, it was this process that stopped the Wannacry virus from continuing to spread.

This blog was inspired by the article Tip Tuesday: How to avoid the new impersonation attacks. As a Barracuda MSP, we’re excited to provide the expertise and services available through Barracuda Networks. 

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by Kathryn Turner

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