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Top Five Reasons to Host a Shredding Event This Spring

Learn the impact of hosting a Shredding Event in Buffalo.

For Shredding Events in Buffalo NY, Choose a Buffalo Company.

Top Five Reasons to Host a Shredding Event This Spring

As we’re officially half-through the month of February, the members of Lincoln Archives start looking ahead to the spring (and even summer) time. In this time, we’re happy to assist many fellow members of the Buffalo and Rochester communities with shredding events. As a great way to provide attendees with a way to secure documents, a Shredding Event can be geared to assisting employees of an organization, used as a community fundraiser or a combination of both.

Top Five Reasons to Host a Shredding Event:

  1. Securely Destroy Information
    As a shredding event includes the use of one of Lincoln Archives On-Site Mobile Shredding Truck, all attendees can watch the entire process of destruction-complete with a live-view inside the truck. After all confidential materials are destroyed, a NAID AAA Certification of Destruction is issued on-the-spot.
  2. Raise Funds
    Our Shredding Events serve as a great fundraiser. The funds can go to many fellow community events such as the Ride For Roswell, 2018 Komen Western New York Race for the Cure® or to fund your own organization. Many Shredding Events are hosted by Lions Clubs, Rotary Clubs, and local schools.
  3. Provide Community Support
    Even if hosted free of charge for attendees, a Shredding Event serves as great community support to protect the information.
  4. Schedule to fit you
    Shredding Events can be hosted anytime throughout a weekday or weekend. Either on a Saturday morning, Friday night or Tuesday afternoon, an event can be scheduled to fit your needs.
  5. Support Local Companies
    By hosting a Shredding Event with Lincoln Archives, you are supporting a fellow local company. With 73% of money spent with a local vendor staying within the community, compared to only 43% with national companies, you are increasing the funds available to the Buffalo or Rochester areas just through the companies you choose, in addition Lincoln Archives is the only local family owned NAID AAA Certified company for Document and Data Protection.

Lincoln Archives is the ONLY, LOCAL all-inclusive Data Protection Provider and is NAID AAA Certified for Document Destruction and Data Destruction. Lincoln Archives is proud to be a part of the family-owned Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914. 

by Kathryn Turner

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