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Make Your Spring Cleaning Last All Year

Eliminate piles of documents with Document Management services and make your spring cleaning last all year.

Document Management Services in Buffalo NY

Make Your Spring Cleaning Last All Year

Is your desk overflowing with documents? Are you already planning for spring cleaning? If you answered “YES!” to those questions it may be time to reevaluate not only your desk but your overall organization process. A part of your organization process is your destruction and storage processes. As an all-inclusive Information Protection provider, Lincoln Archives  Document Shredding ,and Document Storage makes it very easy to achieve a clean desk and achieve results that will last throughout the year and beyond.

Top ways Document Management services can help:

Easy Access

Forget having to search through many piles just to find that one sheet you need. By placing files into storage they’re be indexed so you always know which box a file is in and where it is located. The files can be brought to you within the next hour-which is probably the same time it would’ve taken you to find it in the first place.

Separation of Materials

Most likely not all of your files need to be accessed every minute of every day, in fact, there may be one or two piles that could even be destroyed. By having  Document Shredding and Document Storage in place working together you’ll have a systematic process in place for various types of documents.

Keep Confidential Information Confidential

Its’ s very easy for someone to pick up a loose document on your desk even though it may be marked confidential. With secure off-site storage, you’ll rid this risk and always know your files are securely stored.


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Lincoln Archives is the ONLY, LOCAL all-inclusive Data Protection Provider and is NAID AAA Certified for Document Destruction and Data Destruction. Lincoln Archives is proud to be a part of the family-owned Lincoln Family of Companies serving the Western New York Community since 1914.

by Kathryn Turner

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