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Winter Storm Stella Meets Shred Events

Lincoln Archives is looking forward to spring time and community fundraiser Shred Events which allow for confidential materials to be securely shredded on-site through the reservation of our on-site shredding truck.

Winter Storm Stella Meets Shred Events

As Buffalo and most of the Northeastern United States faced treacherous driving conditions (that is if you travel ban didn’t cover your area) and large amounts of snowfall from March 14th and 15th courtesy of Winter Storm Stella, thoughts of strolling past blooming flowers while basking in the warmth of the springtime sun-I’m sure was in the minds of many. While breathing in the warm spring air may not have occurred today, believe it or not, it will become reality very shortly. The season of spring brings many great things about, like baseball and softball games, spring cleaning, and Shred Events. Serving as a community fundraiser, a way to collectively bring employees together and/or as a great way to supplement office spring cleaning, Shred Events allow for confidential materials to be securely shredded on-site through the reservation of our on-site shredding truck.

Together with information destruction professionals, clients and attendees of the event are able to watch the entire process of destruction, complete with a live-view inside the truck. After all confidential materials are destroyed, a NAID AAA Certification of Destruction is issued on-the-spot. Even though faced with cold weather currently, Lincoln Archives is looking forward to supporting organizations who have already booked an event for the upcoming season. In conjunction with the needs for this service, I’ve received phone calls with clients mentioning phrases such as “My bank used to hold an event but they don’t anymore” or “I once saw a truck at the Tops down the street” in regards to shred events. Due to the mobility of our truck, it can be located at a centralized location within the community, granted proper authorization of course.

In addition to Shred Events hosted throughout the spring and summer time, Lincoln Archives is excited to extend our community involvement by participating in the Explore and More Touch a Truck Event once again. Last year was a great hit and the entire team is excited to participate again as well as be involved with other upcoming community events throughout the Western New York Community. Updates on involvement can be found on our social media pages.

Similar to any other service offered through Lincoln Archives, hosting a shred event comes with the satisfaction of knowing support is going to a local family owned company that supports the same community as you do. To book a shred event please visit, our Shred Event Page or call 871-7040.

by Kathryn Turner

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