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Yet Another Security Breach Headline

Protecting data is crucially important as reports of Ransomware attacks, data breach and viruses make headlines every day.

Yet Another Security Breach Headline

When listening to the news recently, you may be thinking “another report of a security breach” as viruses, Ransomware and Data Breaches seem to be one of the only headlines. In fact, one of the most recent headlines in Buffalo included a report of the virus that warranted the shutdown of the entire system at the Eric Country Medical Center .

Whether the breach is caused by employee negligence or an outright theft, the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has documented breaches of more than 100 million records containing personally identifiable information in the past twelve years. These security breaches occur at organizations of any size, profit or not-for-profit, and family-owned or international.

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse cited incidents at the following organizations:

o Bank of America

Reported a loss of backup tapes hosting over 1.2 million records of personally identifiable information.

o Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida

27,000 personal records were leaked to a personal computer including the names and social security numbers of current and former employees, as well as vendors and contractors.

o Ohio Secretary of State

7.7 million records of registered voters were distributed to 20 political campaign operations for primary elections. Some of the records (estimated at “potentially millions”) also included the social security numbers of the registered voters.

o Department of Veteran Affairs

The data of all veterans who had been discharged since 1975, including names, addresses and social security numbers of 28.6 million veterans listed in files on a laptop computer and external hard drive, had been stolen from the home of a VA employee was reported.

o Idaho Power Company

Four company hard drives containing hundreds of thousands of confidential company’s documents, as well as employee names, social security numbers and confidential memos to the CEO were sold on eBay.

With so many situations like these happening, the need to increase the security measures to protect data is critically important. The Lincoln Archives team is (and has always been) dedicated to providing protection of information. By enhancing our service lines to include Data Beach Reporting and Notification in addition to data destruction services and data back-up, our experts are ready to protect an organization to reduce the effect of a breach of any kind. For more information, representatives can be reached at 871-7040.

by Kathryn Turner

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