Now offering Data Breach Protection Services through CSR
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Data Storage & Data Protection Services

HIPPA Compliant Highly Secure Storage

Cloud Backup Services

Data Backup & File Recovery... We can automatically back up your servers, desktops, laptops, tablets & smart-phones daily with no effort on your part.


Backup Tape Rotation Services

Backup Data Tapes stored and delivered to you location for your daily & weekly backup data tape rotations.


Air Gap, Data Storage & Archiving

Archive your electronic data to free up valuable Hard Disk Space... This allows you have fast retrieval of needed documents and files when needed.


Cloud Backup Services:

Easy to use, with proven Protection...
...Yet Secure enough to be used by the U.S. Air Force!!


Working from Home?
We have Document Shredding Bags available.

We have Secure Document Shredding Bags available for those working from home or those still in the office and allowing essential vendors. Contact us today to find out how we can assist your business during this time

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Lisa M, President, Financial Services Business
I have worked with Bill at Lincoln Archives for many years. When l was in charge of operations at an investment firm, we used their file Storage, File Shredding and Cloud Backup/Recovery. When l started _my own company in 2010 my first call was to Bill to set up an automatic Backup/Recovery system. It was One less thing I had to thing about because I knew my company's data wound be secure, Being in an accounting/tax business secure and safe data is remotely important. Bill got everything set up quickly and easily. Prospective clients were impressed with the high level of Backup/Recovery I had for a start up and l know it helped, and continues to help, with acquiring new clients.

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