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Calculate the Cost of Document Storage and Shredding

Document Storage

Use your office for revenue generation, not cost generation! Try our calculator today to see just what you’re paying to store your files at your office. Think that file cabinet is saving you money? Storing those boxes in that empty cubicle? Don’t waste valuable office space on boxes of files! Let us securely store your files in our monitored vaults. Head to our website or give us a call to retrieve any file or box that you may need! It’s that easy! Now all your information is secure, out of your office, but still at your fingertips.

Onsite Storage Cost Analysis
Monthly Rent
Square Footage
Total Cost:
Office Space cost per Square Foot $
Number of file cabinets in your office
Number of boxes in your office
Total Estimated Monthly Cost$

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Document Shredding

Try our calculator today to see just what you’re paying employees to feed the office shredder! By trusting a local name like Lincoln Archives to professionally shred all your confidential documents you’re saving your business time, money and the hassle of doing it yourself. All documents come with a certificate of destruction; something your employees cannot provide. While many businesses utilize document destruction methods like shredding machines to protect their patients, clients, and customers information, they don’t realize the cost they are actually incurring. Lincoln Archives can help cut down paper shredding costs for most small to medium sized businesses.

Office Shredder Cost Analysis
Number of employees using shredder
Average hourly wage (including benefits)
Total daily Shred time (Hours)
Number of work days per month
Purchase price of shredder
Shredder life expectancy (Number of months)
Monthly depreciation cost
Monthly maintenance cost
Total Monthly Cost of Office Shredder $
Total Monthly Labor Cost $0
Total Equipment Cost $0

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