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Friday 4/18/14: Scheduled Cloud Backup Server Maintenance

On the morning of 4/18/14 we'll be downing our cloud backup server for a few hours for routine maintenance. This should take a few hours and should be back up and running by afternoon/evening, so as not to affect Friday evening backups. If you need any assistance before/during, please reach out to kkohler@lincolnarchives.com

If you use gmail or yahoo mail, your mail is being scanned & Data Mined!!! Both are being sued for scanning client emails:

Per Google: "...if you were sending emails to one of its users, you implicitly understood that Google was going to scan them and that you were voluntarily giving up information to a third party, which removes the legal right to absolute privacy. It also said that scanning emails was a standard part of its business model..." Read articles:

Google: http://tinyurl.com/pgnv5h3

Yahoo: http://tinyurl.com/ordz5lc

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